TSC Lifetime Member Recruitment Campaign

Former delegate, Anessa Burnside has pledged her support by becoming the first of the Lifetime Members Recruitment campaign. It is always a pleasure to hear from former delegates of the past 40 years, their stories, their families, their reunions and their

commitment to passing those experiences on to the new delegates. From these lifetime memberships we have the ability to continue creating student, educator and professional exchanges that change lives forever.

Become a member or renew your membership today.

Check out the membership section on the home page and pay by credit card.

One thought on “TSC Lifetime Member Recruitment Campaign

  1. As a former TSC Delegate to Lower Hutt, New Zealand in 1998, I am proud to be back living in Tempe and an active part of Tempe Sister Cities again. The experiences gained from the exchange have allowed me to take on new opportunities and really make the world smaller through friendship and loyalty. I am looking forward to checking in with my former delegates and helping to get them back involved as well.

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